Get familiar with Sydney Australia

Get familiar with Sydney Australia

While I’ve previously traveled to London in hopes of getting to know another English-speaking country better, Sydney is also among my top destinations to visit as I find it a tremendous place for any tourist.


Sydney’s probably nicest during the summer


When I do get the chance to visit Australia’s capital, I’ll try to do so during the warmer months in order to experience Sydney’s very active beach lifestyle. I love beaches almost as much as river tubing.  From what I hear, the place is amazing for anyone who enjoys a sunny day at the beach, looking to swim, have fun and hopefully get some tan – I am definitely one of these people.


I’m also curious about the Aboriginal community and hope to encounter some of its members during my travels there. They seem like a fascinating and unique people that one can learn quite a few things from.



The pros and cons of Sydney’s rich wildlife



Sydney is also known for its amazing wildlife, including both animals in captivity as well as those in the wild. I’m hoping to spot at least a couple of colorful animals while hiking through the city’s wilderness.


However, I also understand that Sydney and all of Australia is known for the very large spiders that inhabit the area, even in predominantly urban zones. This has been quite a deterrent for me thus far, and I’m hoping to overcome my fear of these creatures in order to be able to fully enjoy everything that this great city has to offer.



Soon Ill go to China!

Soon Ill go to China!

Shanghai has been one of the locations I’ve been looking forward to visiting the most for a while now. However, due to the considerable distance and the city’s somewhat intimidating vibe, it seems that the day I finally travel to China’s greatest city keeps getting postponed.


Why Shanghai has been on my travel list for a while


This is a shame since I have long been fascinated with the Chinese culture, especially the historical aspect of it. I’ve studied Chinese history stretching across many centuries and was very excited to hear that many of the old customs are still preserved by Chinese people.


However, I’m not under the illusion that Shanghai is going to be a medieval city with an ancient standard of living. I’m fully aware that it is considered somewhat of a metropolis now, and am prepared to treat it as such, expecting to throw myself in the middle of a vibrant urban community.


China’s development will make it an even better tourist destination


China’s developing economy has made a visit to Shanghai even more appealing. As the country continues to develop, its capital will continue to expand and feature new and exciting things as well as being increasingly welcoming to tourists. While the language might end up being a problem as I can’t understand a word of Cantonese nor Mandarin, I’m hoping to get by with nothing but good old-fashioned English.

Traveling Light vs Heavy Backpacks

Traveling Light vs Heavy Backpacks

A lot of newbie travelers can sometimes be puzzled by the amount of stuff they’re supposed to carry with them. Even those who have been traveling for a long time may find it difficult to gauge just how much luggage is optimal for wherever they are going. I prefer to travel as light as possible in order to fully experience any location I find myself at. Not all, however, share my sentiment.


How to know the right amount of luggage for you


Many feel that not carrying enough luggage with them will undoubtedly leave them missing something. On top of creating additional expenses, this is also an issue as the location you are going to might not have what you need readily available for sale.


However, making do with what you have is all part of life. I find that carrying more than a medium-sized backpack is very cumbersome in almost all cases, barring perhaps the odd business plane trip. Aside from necessities, I also like to carry both a bit of cash and a credit card with me wherever I’m going so that I can buy whatever is needed. Preferably, the cash should be in a local currency to ensure smooth dealings, but dollars tend to work well universally.


Always try to think of everything you will need on your trip before commencing it, and then trying to figure out how you will stuff it all in a relatively small backpack – it will make the entire journey that much more enjoyable.